About Us

You have probably heard of SIP’s? SIPs are a generic term used to describe structural insulated panels. SIP’s were first developed in the 1950’s and are now manufactured by dozens of companies across the world. SIPs are an energy efficient green building system that greatly reduces the time and cost of construction projects. Have you heard of the next generation of SIP’s construction panels, the InnovaPanel®? The InnovaPanel® is a Patented load bearing high impact (HIP) Structural Insulated Building Panel with magnesium based cement board skins. InnovaPanels® can be used in place of masonry block, wood and steel framing system as a load bearing or in-fill exterior wall system.

Main Features of Our Product

  • Welcome to Innova Panel, where we manufacture the InnovaPanel®. The InnovaPanel® is the SIP panel of the future. Innova panels are made with magnesium skins which are stronger and have superior fire ratings than fiber cement and osb sips panels. Whether you build one building or one thousand, using the Innova panelized construction system is fast, durable and the responsible way to build. Since all Innova building components are engineered and manufactured in our factory to exacting specifications, the Innova fast-track construction system not only reduces waste, but greatly accelerates the building schedule while reducing labor requirements for construction. A building constructed with Innova SIP panels will require 30 to 70 percent less power consumption to operate than a conventionally constructed building. make your next building an innova building, the buildings of the future today!