Innova History

History of the Innova SIPs Building System

Innova was founded by a team of experienced SIPs builders that were one of the first to introduce SIPs construction products to South America. Recognizing the limitations of standard OSB (SIP) and Cement Fiber (CSIP) panels used here in the USA and other parts of the world, Innova and its team of Engineers developed new product options to the industry standard SIP panel in order to overcome these limitations. Our Innova panels have superior fire ratings to standard SIP panels. The loading of the Innova SIP panel is superior to CSIP and OSB SIP panels allowing the application of SIP panels to the building process for a wider range of projects.

March 2011:

Innova purchases two state of the art automated SIPs manufacturing lines. These are currently two of the most sophicated state of the art automated SIPs manufacturing lines in the United States.

August 2011:

Innova completes earthquake engineering design for its single family home structures.

January 2012:

Innova starts installation of 140 single family SIPs home building kits in South America

March 2012:

Innova opens a 60,000 square foot state of the art automated SIPs manufacturing plant in Miami, Florida that is capable of manufacturing 3000 energy efficient Innova building kits a year.

April 2012:

Innova introduces new product lines: a) Innova MGO SIPs Panels: (Magnesium Oxide SIPs panels). Innova panels are the next generation of SIPs panels having a superior fire rating to traditional fiber cement and OSB SIPs panels. As the result of a license distribution agreement, Innova is the exclusive distributor in the USA and South America for MGO Corp magnesium oxide board products. The MGO Corp products are fully approved internal and external sheathing products manufactured under JAS/ANZ CODEMARK Conformity Certification. These certifications are recognized throughout 20 counties worldwide. There are many Magnesium Oxide Board manufacturers however MGO Corp is currently the only Magnesium Oxide Board available in the USA and South America with these certifications in place for its products. The Innova Panel is manufactured using the JAS/ANZ CODEMARK approved MGO board for its externial skins. b) CSIPs: (Cement Panel SIPs) Innova offers a Cement skin SIPs (CSIPs) panel as part of its product line. Innova offers cement panel skins in the standard 5/16″ cement fiber board skins and additional thicknesses up of cement board up to 1″ depending on the intended end use of the panels.

May 2012:

a) Innova signs a contract to manufacture 300 of its energy efficient single family building kits for South America. b) Innova starts Engineering Design Development on a 4 story multifamily MGO SIPs Panel structure. Innova hopes to complete the design for product testing in early 2013. c) Innova commissions a team of engineers to test and gain necessary approvals for a commercial SIPs building panel to be used as an exterior skin for multistory high rise commercial and residential buildings. Innova hopes to complete testing and certification to allow the introduction of this innovative new product in early 2013.