Innova History

History of Innova Panel, LLC.

Welcome to Innova, where we manufacture the InnovaPanel®. Jerry Gillman, using more than 30 years’ experience in the construction industry invented the technology used to manufacture the InnovaPanel®. Jerry successfully obtained 4 Patents in 2014 and 2015 protecting the technologies for manufacturing the strongest and most disaster resistant, load bearing structural insulated panel available in the market today. Under a royalty license program, Jerry has licensed the InnovaPanel© manufacturing technology to the following Companies:  

Innova Eco Building System, LLC – 2012 – 2019 – Miami Florida – License Expired
Universal Housing Systems, Inc. 2017-2019 – Puerto Rico – License Expired
Extreme Green SIPS – 2020 – 2021- Mobile Alabama – License Expired
Innova Panel, LLC. – 2020 – Present – Pompano Beach Florida – License Current

Only currently licensed Companies as listed above are authorized to manufacture the InnovaPanel©.

Jerry plans to license more manufacturers to continue to increase the products’ market share and is currently working to expand product distribution channels into new geographical locations.  

The InnovaPanel© is the next generation of structural insulated panels (SIP) and is the SIP panel of the future. Innova panels are manufactured with magnesium cement skins which are stronger and have superior fire ratings compared to fiber cement and OSB sip panels. The InnovaPanel© is the only load bearing structural insulated panel to pass Miami Dade County testing and issued a Notice of Acceptance (NOA) for the high velocity hurricane wind zones with coastal wind requirements as high as +200 mph. Not only are InnovaPanels© NOA approved, but forty homes built with our insulated magnesium cement panels have survived ground zero of an EF-2 tornado, two CAT 5 and two CAT 4 hurricanes, all with the same amazing results. There was no structural damage or water intrusion into any of the homes.

To date, more than six hundred homes have been constructed using Innova Panel Technology. Whether you build one or one thousand homes, using the Innova panelized construction system is fast, durable and the responsible way to build better, faster, and easier. Since all Innova building components are engineered and manufactured in our factory to exacting specifications, the Innova fast-track construction system not only reduces waste, but accelerates the building schedule while reducing skilled labor requirements for construction. A building constructed with Innova SIP panels will require 30 to 70 percent less energy to heat and cool than a conventionally constructed building.

Jerry hopes to continue expanding its InnovaPanel© manufacturing footprint into the busiest real estate markets throughout the US, making its ecofriendly products available to all builders and consumers in the industry at the best possible prices.


There is a Better Way to Build, it is the Innova Way!