The Innova Building Kit

Invest in Innovation to Lower Cost

Whether you build one home or 1000, using the Innova Panelized Construction System will not only cut the cost of construction, but it will also dramatically lower the operating and maintenance costs over the useful life of the buildings.Innova’s structural insulated panel Building Kits are available in three structural design levels.

120 mph wind rated building kit
150 mph wind rated building kit
180 mph wind and impact rated building kit

Earthquake seismic design can be added to any Innova building kit for an additional fee.

With all building envelope components engineered and built in our factory to exacting specifications, the Innova fast-track construction system accelerates the building schedule while using less labor which saves the building Owner money.
For example, a Five-person crew of unskilled labor can erect most Innova single-family home building envelope in as little as four days.

Use the document link below to as a guide to help you estimate the installation cost for your high performance, energy efficient Innova Building Kit.

Structural Insulated Panel (SIP)

Innova provides everything you need to erect the walls and roof of a building on your concrete slab or our engineered floor system, shipped on a flatbed truck to your job site. Our Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) Building kits include:
SIP Kit Home as Supplied by Innova
SIP Kit Home as Supplied by Innova
SIP Kit Home After Application of Owner Supplied Finishes

The Innova Building Kit

 Complete building plans

 Wind frame components

 Sill plates

 Wall panels, cut to size and labeled

 Roof panels, cut to size and labeled

 All necessary fasteners

What’s Not In The Kit?

Windows and doors

 Water supply lines, waste pipes or vents

 Electrical wiring and conduit


 Interior studs and drywall

 Anything else not specifically part of the Innova sales contract

 The Innova system is designed to provide the exterior walls and roof of a structure in an easy-to-use, economical package. The builder is responsible for finishing the building, including all interior walls and equipment; roof covering; exterior finishing, and the porch construction, if any.

Standard Additions To The Innova Building Kit:

Windows and doors (interior and exterior)

 Interior SIPs walls

 Electrical wiring, conduit and Panels

 Roofing shingles or underlayment

 Water supply lines, waste pipes, vents and plumbing fixtures


Flexible Acrylic Stucco Finishes for exterior walls

 Any other building material, furnishings and supplies desired by the owner

Who Can Build an Innova Kit Home?

Any licensed contractor with residential building experience should be able to construct our energy efficient Innova Kit Home with little difficulty. A crew of four workers, each with a power screwdriver and common carpenter’s tools, can do all the work. A sturdy movable scaffold (or two) is helpful, especially for the erection of the wind frame. A fork lift is also helpful for lifting the roof panels into position. On larger homes, the roof panel spans may be greater requiring the use of a LULL or crane for hoisting the panels into position. Installation cost vary depending on the difficulty of the design, the structural wind rating and any earthquake rating or seismic design considerations. It is recommended that Contractors that are not experienced SIP installers reference the above document, “How Much Will it Cost to Install my SIP House” when estimating Innova SIP installation cost for the first time.

Is Structural Insulated Panel(SIP) Training Available?

- Innova provides on-site factory training for builders and others requiring assistance. Most workers become proficient with the Innova Building System in as little as one week. Innova offers a complete training and certification program for contractors that desire to become factory certified Innova Builders. - Every kit is provided with an easy to understand training manual showing you exactly how to install your kit. - Innova provides a complete tool list required for the installation. Most carpenters already have all of the tools required in their tool box.

Designing with MGO Structural Insulated Panels

In this course, the design professional will discover how High-performance MgO Insulated Structural panels are a part of an energy-efficiency design strategy that can improve energy efficiency and performance with small to medium size projects. Designers will also learn about the unique properties of SIPs such as high fire ratings, greater R-Values and superior structural integrity that make the system out perform traditional building methods. In learning these things designers will take away the knowledge that not only are SIPs a strong, environmentally friendly building material, but also a cost-effective way to build.

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