Innova is offering a ground floor opportunity to take part in one of the most exciting manufacturing opportunities of the past 60 years. Never before in recent history has an opportunity existed on such grand scale for introducing an exciting revolutionary product technology that has the possibility to change the way we build buildings, and the materials we use to build them. A product that the market is demanding, that our environment is demanding and that our health and future are demanding. We have the technology and the products to change the way the industry builds buildings.

Headquartered in Pompano Beach, Florida, Innova Panel is the leading manufacturer of Magnesium Structural Insulated Panels (MgO SIP) in the USA. The Innova MgO SIP (InnovaPanel®) has been tested for wind loading over 230 mph and has gained Product Approvals and Notices of Acceptance in all regions of Florida, including the Dade County Coastal impact zone, one of the most stringent building codes in the World.

Innova has been granted the following Patents to date for it's innovative products:

5 Patents, protecting the technology, for the manufacturing and assembly of its MgO SIP Panels:

·        Magnesium Based Cement Board Composition to Lower Thermal Conductivity

·        High Impact and Load Bearing Building Panel

·        Method for Splicing Stress Skins used for Manufacturing Structural Insulated Panels

·        Method of Connecting Structural Insulated Building Panels through Connecting Splines

·        Structural Insulated Building Panel with a Moisture Barrier Seal

9 Copyrights:

·        InnovaPanel

·        Innova Logo

·        MgO SIP HIP

·        Innova Bond

·        Innova Board

·        Innova Seal

·        Innova Firewall

·        Innova Spline

·        InnovaPanel HIP

2 Trademarks:

· Live Clean, Build Green.
· There’s a better way to build, It’s the Innova Way.

InnovaPanels® are one of the most exciting and innovative green building products of the twenty first century. InnovaPanels® are energy efficient, water resistant, fire resistant, mold resistant, strong, durable and more than 50% lighter than traditional masonry and concrete structures. InnovaPanels® are a patented load bearing and highly insulated building panel that is used to construct residential and light commercial structures. For high rise construction, InnovaPanels® are used as infill panels in place of common masonry block or steel and wood framing systems. InnovaPanels® can also be used as an insulated cladding system on almost any steel or concrete building structure. Nail based InnovaPanels® are used for energy upgrades and remodeling of existing building structures.

In addition, Innova offers precut SIP building kits that include all of the necessary parts and accessories to quickly erect single family homes, town homes, duplexes and light commercial structures requiring high performance green building standards. Our panelized building system can be used as a load bearing system for the building structures up to 5 floors, or as an insulated exterior in-fill building skin that can be installed in a fraction of the time as masonry, steel and or wood framing systems.

Innova is currently distributing InnovaPanels® throughout the USA, Caribbean Islands and South America, Innova is offering investment opportunities in order to increase our manufacturing capacity and expand our patented technology into some of the largest real estate markets in the world.

This ground floor opportunity allows investors to invest in the opening of a SIP manufacturing facility in selected markets throughout the USA and abroad, to manufacture this patented state of the art building material becoming known throughout the industry as “InnovaPanels®”.

Foreign Investors have the opportunity for EB5 Compliant investments in the opening of a U.S. manufacturing facility or licensing the technology in order to manufacture the products in foreign materials.

If you are interested in becoming an Investor in an InnovaPanel® manufacturing facility, please complete the manufacturers questionnaire with as much detail as possible. The completion of this form places no continuing obligation on either party. Please have each person associated with your group fill out a separate application and sign. Once we have received your application, we will forward additional information to you concerning the investment opportunities with Innova.

With InnovaPanels®, it is possible to “Build the Buildings of the Future, Today!”