Experience The Difference


A home or commercial building constructed with the Innova building envelope will costs much less to maintain. Our building materials are eco friendly “Green Building” building materials. Your Innova building kit can qualify for LEED, Green Building and PATH certifications. In addition to all of these benefits, your Innova Building will continue to save you money long after your purchase as one of the most dramatic cost savings are realized in energy use. Because of its extraordinary insulation ratings, innovative air-tight design and efficient engineering, a building constructed with the Innova building envelope will use 30 to 70 percent less electrical consumption over the useful life of the building. This is a substantial savings over 30, 40, 50 or more years of reduced electrical consumption and energy savings.

There are many benefits to using the Innova SIPs panel system for your project. Below are a few additional benefits over traditional construction.

  • Innova MGO SIPs Walls will stop fires from spreading from interior to exterior and exterior to interior walls for added safety for your family.
  • Highly energy efficient, reducing power consumption cost 30% to 70%
  • Solid durable construction system that results in fewer thermal breaks
  • The Innova Panel means a smaller HVAC system which will lower utility costs
  • Innova Panels are mold & mildew resistant
  • Innova Panels are an extremely low VOC emission building material (no off gassing)
  • Fast, simplified construction means reduced labor cost and equipment cost for construction
  • A green building technology—less waste on the job sit
  • Reduced carbon footprint construction system
  • Excellent performance in cold weather conditions
  • Interior Innova panels are taped and finished with drywall joint compound
  • Exterior Innova panels can be painted or finished with a variety of exterior finishes such as stucco, brick or stone veneer, and siding
  • Available in various thicknesses to suit the needs of your project
  • Electrical wire chases are provided in the Innova panels for easy installation of electrical wiring in the field
  • Innova buildings can qualify for LEED or Florida Green building Certification