Magnesium Oxide Skin Structural Insulated Panels (MGOSIPs)

The InnovaPanel© is an Eco Friendly, Hurricane Rated, Magnesium Cement insulated panel (SIPS). We manufacture the next generation of structural insulated panels, having a superior fire resistance and compressive loading capacity when compared to traditional fiber cement and OSB SIP panels. Magnesium (MGO) cement board panel skins are available in thickness of 6 mm to 30 mm, giving builders more opportunities for product application to their projects. Our panels can be used for basement walls and waterproofed with the same methods and materials used to waterproof a concrete basement wall. InnovaPanels© are a healthy choice as they contain no organic solvents, heavy metals, asbestos, oils or other toxic ingredients and are classified as a low carbon “Green Building Material.” MGO will not support black mold growth and has a high resistance to moisture absorption, making it an ideal choice for wet humid environments. Magnesium board is strong, durable and impact resistant, a requirement for hurricane prone areas. With the use of InnovaPanels©, drywall can be eliminated which further reduces the time and cost of construction. The exterior surface of the InnovaPanel© can be painted or coated with a synthetic stucco finish, lap siding, brick veneer, stone and a host of other suitable exterior finishes. InnovaPanels© have superior loading, fire ratings and acoustic values over OSB and fiber cement SIPS. NOT ALL MGO BOARD PRODUCTS ARE THE SAME, Innova uses only the finest MGO materials available. As the result of a license distribution agreement, Innova is a distributor in the USA and South America for Rescom Building Products. Rescom magnesium cement board products are a fully approved internal and external sheathing product manufactured under JAS/ANZ CODEMARK, BSI and ICC Conformity Certifications. These certifications are recognized worldwide. There are many magnesium based board manufacturers, however Rescom is currently one of the few Boards available in the USA and South America with these certifications in place for its products. The Innova Panel is manufactured using the Rescom approved magnesium boards for its external skins. InnovaPanels©  are manufactured in our Pompano Beach Florida facility with state of the art equipment to produce one of the highest quality SIP Products available in the market. Innova Panels are extremely strong, durable, energy efficient and cost effective. InnovaPanels© are Miami Dade NOA Approved for the High Velocity Hurricane Wind Zones of Florida, +185mph wind requirements. Live clean, build Green with InnovaPanel©!