MGO Nail Base – Retrofit Wall Panel

This panel is an excellent choice for use with new or existing tilt up concrete walls, block walls or any other building surface. These panels are installed directly over the existing building walls providing an insulated, high impact finish that is superior to drywall. MGO nail base panels can also be installed on existing exterior building walls over the existing finishes. The panels can be painted or finished with almost any exterior finish including stucco, siding, stone and brick veneer to give the building the look intended by the designer. MGO does not mold or rot and is finished similar to drywall. These panels are provided in 4 foot by 8 foot, 9’ and 10’ sheets. As the insulation is laminated to the MGO board, no furring is required. A razor knife is used to remove the foam at surface mounted electrical devices and / or conduits. Panels are attached to the surface with appropriate fasteners in one installation, saving time and money. Panels can be ordered with the thickness of insulation required to achieve the projects R value rating.

Renovating buildings with Green, Energy Efficient, High Performance Building Materials by Innova gains Contractors, Designers and Engineers market entry in the growing Green Renovation market as building Owners and Operators look to take advantage of Green Building Grants, Loans, rebates and other advantageous programs enacted by local and state governments to boost energy efficient construction.

Insulated nail base MGO SIP panels are used to solve moisture related problems in a large commercial kitchen office that adjoins the freezer units. Vapor sealant is used between each insulated magnesium oxide panels to stop the vapor and moisture problems that had previously occurred. Insulated nail base MGO panels can be used on any interior or exterior

Give your building an R-Value Upgrade with Innova Nail Base Panels!