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Oil and Mining companies work in some of the most remote areas of the world. Setting up a successful mining or oil camp can be a challenging task. The Innova Panel lends itself to the requirements of the oil and mining industry which has a need for temporary / permanent encampments. Our product can be quickly erected and is able to provide safe, durable housing, office and other support facility buildings.

Innova Panel products are easy to erect, requiring mostly semi-skilled labor. They are durable, Eco friendly and can be shipped anywhere in the World via ship, air, truck or train transport. All parts are manufactured and precut to exacting specifications, labeled and crated for delivery to the client’s jobsite. Each building kit is provided with a set of engineered erection plans that are easy to follow.

Unlike prefabricated modular units, the Innova Building Kit is flat packed for easy transport to those remote locations that make delivery of modular units impossible.

Innova manufacturers its prefabricated building kits using structural insulated panels with magnesium cement board (MGO) skins. The skins are a green, healthy building product that is highly fire and  mold resistant which does not produce any off gassing of toxic substances.

Our buildings are manufactured with green building materials and produce healthy indoor environments for your crews. The oil and mining industry learned long ago that the quality of workforce housing and camp amenities is a key to worker recruitment, retention, morale and even higher productivity.

The Innova Panelized Building System is the perfect product choice to outfit your camp with safe, healthy on-site temporary and permanent housing. We manufacture building solutions for all types of buildings including bunkhouse designs, group restrooms, shower facilities, cafeteria style mess halls and activity buildings. Innova will work with your employees or designers and engineers to develop a camp design that specifically meets your needs.

Camp investors and workforce housing operators should note that well thought out camps in some locations can later be turned into retirement centers and other reuses when the oil and mining operations are finished. Innova Panelized buildings will long outlast the trailers and other temporary modular buildings which must be completely expensed and removed at the completion of the operation.

Olive Camp
Apartment Area: 43,823.70 sq.ft/ 4,071.15sq. mt
Total Parking Area: 27,280 sq.ft/ 2,534.4sq. mt
Recreational Area: 27,510 sq.ft/ 2,555.87sq. mt

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