Olive Camp

Total Apartment Area: 43,823.70 sq.ft/ 4,071.15sq. mt
Total Parking: 27,280 sq.ft/ 2,534.4sq. mt
Total Recreational Area: 27,510 sq.ft/ 2,555.87sq. mt
Working Area Total Working Area: 5,139.05sq.ft/ 477.47sq.mt

45 Apartments (Araguaney Model)

132 Parking Spots

Recreational Area Includes:

  • Multi-Use Court
  • Tennis Court
  • BBQ Area
  • Gym
  • Cafeteria
  • Pool

Admin Area Includes:

  • Small Apartment 2/1
  • Office
  • Dining Room

Apartments, parking, recreational and working area can all be modified in quantity and design.