Plywood / OSB – R Value Nail Base / Retrofit Roof Panel

This nail base panel is available with a plywood or OSB skin. The back side of the panel is exposed closed cell EPS Foam. This panel is ideal for new or existing low slope or flat roof applications where sufficient attic space is not available for sufficient insulation. The Innova SIP Retrofit roof panel is attached by screwing the existing roof sheathing and into the existing roof trusses with appropriate SIP fasteners. The existing sheathing does not need to be removed. This panel is also available with Neopor® closed cell foam for added insulation value. The Innova SIP R Value Retrofit panel is an easy way to upgrade the energy efficiency of any new or existing roof or wall system.

Drawing depicting Innova Nail Base SIP roof panel attachment to existing gable roof truss system

Plywood and OSB Nail base insulated panels

Nail base insulated panels not only insulate the structure, but provide valuable air sealing of the existing structure which leads to increased energy efficiency, better indoor environmental control and air quality. Architects, Designers and Building Owners can specify the thickness and density of EPS insulation needed to achieve and / or exceed the applicable energy codes. Increase the R-value approximately 20% more with Neopor® for the same thickness of panel. Nail base insulated panels can be attached to existing or new concrete decks or directly to the existing roof trusses. Attachment is made with appropriate fasteners without removing existing sheathing, saving additional time and money.

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