Plywood / OSB – Remodeling Roof Panel

This panel is a thin SIP panel usually less than 4” in thickness that is available with a plywood or OSB skin on each side of the panel. This panel is ideal for updating and re-sloping existing low slope roofs and adding HIPs without expensive demolition and replacement of the existing roof truss system. The existing roof is stripped down to the existing sheathing. Any additional sheathing repairs, truss repairs, HIP or change in roof slope framing is performed at this time without removing the truss or ceiling system below. The Innova SIP Remodeling panel is then attached to the existing roof trusses through the existing sheathing with SIP screws. This panel is also available with Neopor® for added insulation value. The panel is an easy way to upgrade the energy efficiency of an existing roof, while also updating Architectural features, modernizing roof slopes and increasing property value.