Invest in Innovation to Lower Cost

Whether you build one home or 1000, using the Innova Panelized Construction System will not only cut the cost of construction, but it will also dramatically lower the operating and maintenance costs over the useful life of the buildings.Innova’s structural insulated panel Building Kits are available in three structural design levels.

120 mph wind rated building kit
150 mph wind rated building kit
180 mph wind and impact rated building kit

Earthquake seismic design can be added to any Innova building kit for an additional fee.

With all building envelope components engineered and built in our factory to exacting specifications, the Innova fast-track construction system accelerates the building schedule while using less labor which saves the building Owner money.
For example, a Five-person crew of unskilled labor can erect most Innova single-family home building envelope in as little as four days.

Use the document link below to as a guide to help you estimate the installation cost for your high performance, energy efficient Innova Building Kit.