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Innova Panel has manufactured Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) homes for developers, contractors and end users in the United States of America, South America and the Caribbean Islands. Our Florida product approvals, Dade County NOA (Notice of Acceptance) and Innova SIP product code reports allow clients quick product approvals of Innova Building kits in almost any building code jurisdiction, throughout the world. Innova offers three levels of structural design for our SIP building kits. The Innova SIP building kits can be designed for a 120 mile per hour (mph) wind rating, 150 mph wind rating and 180 mph wind and impact rated building kit. Seismic design can be added to any building kit for an additional charge. Bring your own custom design or use and modify one of our designs to meet your specifications and Innova will take your final concept and manufacture it into a high performance energy efficient SIP building kit.

Innova Multifamily SIP homes – Structural Insulated Panel Homes – SIPs

Need just a few extra rental units or develop an entire community of energy efficient multi-family housing units with Innova’s prefabricated high performance products. Our prefabricated SIP building system will help your project exceed energy codes while keeping construction cost in check. Build your next project with Innova Panels!

C-Joist on MGO SIP Walls

SIP home bathroom

SIP home bedroom

Structural Insulated Panel Duplex

Innova SIP Low Income Housing

Innova Cement Fiber SIP (CSIP)

Innova CSIP Wall Panel Installation

Innova Structural Insulated Panel

CSIP Townhouse

South America Projects

Innova can manufacture building kits or stock SIP panels which SIP builders can purchase and fabricate onsite themselves as needed for their specific projects. We ship our Structural Insulated panels and fully fabricated building kits to your project location, anywhere in the World. Innova organizes panels by wall elevation in the order that they will be installed reducing onsite labor cost, crates them in easy to ship packages and loads them in your containers for export. Innova has manufactured and shipped over 300 Cement Fiber and MGO SIP building kits to developers and contractors in South America. We are experienced exporters of structural insulated panels and will work with your shipping company to complete all necessary paperwork so that your nationalization of the imported products goes smoothly. We can provide on-site training to get your crews up to speed and installing SIP homes in no time. If you are planning on building a SIP home community, look no further than Innova Panel. We have the products, the experience and the manufacturing capacity to meet the needs of your project schedule.

Innova SIP South America Home

Innova SIP Community SA

Cement Fiber SIP Home

Innova SIP Installation

Innova Structural Insulated Panels

Innova Low Income SIP Home

Innova South American SIP Home

Innova SIP

Innova SIP Home Installation

Innova SIP Building Envelope

Innova CSIP Homes

Lull is used to set Innova Roof SIP

Innova SIP staged on SOG for install

Typical SIP Concrete Slab on Grade

Innova South America SIPs

Innova SIP Low Income Housing

Innova North America SIP Projects

Innova Panel is a manufacturer of structural insulated panels which we use to prefabricate high performance building envelopes. Our energy efficient building envelopes are used to construct luxury custom homes, track homes, low income housing and light commercial structures. Innova’s energy efficient SIP panels will help your next project meet LEED and Green Building certification requirements. Build energy efficient high performance housing and light commercial structures with Innova Panels®. Our Innova HIP MGO SIP panels are not only energy efficient, they do not mold and are not susceptible to termites. Build the Buildings of the Future Today with Innova Panel.

Innova SIP Kit Home

Completed Innova SIP Kit Home

Painted Cement Fiber SIP

SIP Floor Plate Installation

Painted SIP Panels

Innova Low Income SIP Housing

Innova Low Income Housing

Coraflex Finish on Innova CSIP

Hot Iron to Clean SIP Sub-fascia

SIP Sub-fascia Installation

Innova SIP Building Kit

SIP Roof Panel Installation

Innova Low Income SIP Interior

SIP Home Living Room

Innova SIP Staged for Installation

Low Income SIP Home Bathroom

Typical SIP Home Bedroom

Innova HIP MGO SIP House

Innova MGO SIP Gable Wall

Coraflex Finish on Innova MGO SIP

Innova MGO Floor Plate Layout

Innova Panel® Installation