Plywood / OSB – R Value Nail Base / Retrofit Roof Panel

This panel is available with a plywood or OSB skin. The other side of the panel is exposed EPS Foam. This panel is ideal for new or existing low slope or flat roof applications where sufficient attic space is not available for conventional insulation. The Innova SIP Retrofit roof panel is attached by screwing through the existing roof sheathing into the existing roof trusses with appropriate SIP fasteners. This panel is also available with Neopor® for added insulation value. The Innova SIP R Value Retrofit panel is an easy way to upgrade the energy efficiency of any new or existing roof system.

Drawing depicting Innova Nail Base SIP roof panel attachment to existing gable roof truss system


Insulated nail base MGO panels were used to solve moisture related problems in a large commercial kitchen office. The office adjoined a large commercial freezer unit. The panels were installed directly on the existing freezer panels. Vapor sealant was used between each insulated panel to stop the vapor and moisture issues that had previously occurred. Insulated nail base MGO panels can be used on any interior or exterior surface.

Give your building an R-Value Upgrade with Innova Nail Base Panels!