We Export

Where is your next project? Africa, Middle East, South America, Haiti, no worries, Innova will manufacture your energy efficient buildings to exacting specifications, load them in shipping containers and ship them to you anywhere in the world.

We export our panels and building kits around the globe. We have one of the most modern, automated sips manufacturing facilities in the world. We know what it takes to create structures that can withstand the elements including hurricanes and earthquakes. Our structures are designed to perform under pressure, without sacrificing energy efficiency, comfort or ease of construction.

The Innova way is easy; it is the future of building.
Container loading From Innova Panel

At Innova you will not spend your first day or more of labor on the project sorting and organizing panels for installation. We organize and flat pack panels by wall elevations.  Flat Packs are unloaded using a forklift and set on your slab per building elevation. When the packs are opened, the panels in the packs are even organized in the order that they are installed. No more moving stacks of panels around to find the panel you need, loosing valuable crew time on the jobsite. Spend your crew hours installing kits, not searching for the next panel to install. There is a better way to build, it’s the Innova way!

At Innova, we pre-install every model in our factory to check dimensions, angles and other important details before we manufacture productions runs to help eliminate dimension errors and to ensure that the kits we ship are easy to erect and as error free as possible. We do everything in our power to streamline the installation process for our clients. There are other SIPS manufactures, but there is only one Innova! Contact Innova today and experience the difference, it’s the Innova way. We manufacture the buildings of the future today.