African Mining Brief

African Mining Brief

Prefabricated Staff Accommodation in Mining

Prefabricated Staff Accommodation in Mining

Mines are often located in some of the most remote areas of the world. This is more the case even here in Africa where no roads may exist which makes setting up a mining village all the more challenging.

Today in response to this however specialized companies offer accommodation solutions to the industry through the use of prefabricated structures.
Their advantage is that they are light and are setup to client specifications. Getting the specs right is important given the hot arid and dry conditions in the African wilderness. Prefabricated living quarters can be erected quickly and can contain amenities to make them feel like home. Some have multiple rooms, including kitchen and bathroom facilities.

Other than just supplying the structures, one should insist on a supplier who can offer consultancy for site management, which includes site analysis, preparation, landscaping and transportation, as well as demounting and erection work onsite.
Technology in this industry has made great strides in the use of light-weight materials as well as the use of un-welded sections. Some suppliers go as far as offering turnkey solutions that cover waste water treatment plants, incinerators, water treatment plants, electrical generation, water and sewer reticulation, minor earth works, concrete works, beds, lockers, laundry equipment, kitchen equipment, cutlery, crockery, linen, and recreation furniture in order to make the mining or construction camp as comfortable as possible for the staff. In this issue we look at what is available on the market and who the key players are.

Innova Panel product is easy to erect, requiring only semi-skilled labor, its durable, Eco friendly and can be shipped anywhere via ship, truck or train. All parts are manufactured and precut to exacting specifications, labeled, crated and for delivery to the jobsite anywhere in the World. Each project is provided with a set of engineered erection plans that are easy to follow. Most of their single family home kits can be erected in less than 5 days with a 5 man semi-skilled crew.

Their building system lends itself to the requirements of the oil industry which has a need for temporary / permanent encampments that can be easily erected and able to provide safe, durable housing, office and other support facility buildings in a fraction of the time as conventional building methods. Innova Panel. product requires very little equipment as most buildings can be erected by hand without any heavy equipment, speeding the installation process in rural areas.

They manufacture high performance building kits for single family, multi-family housing and light commercial structures using structural insulated panels with magnesium oxide (MGO) skins. MGO is a green, healthy house building product that is highly fire resistant, mold resistant and does not produce any off gassing of toxic substances.

There are many benefits to using the Innova MGO SIPs panel system for any project which are: Innova MGO SIPs Walls will stop fires from spreading from interior to exterior and exterior to interior walls for added safety for your family.
Highly energy efficient, reducing power consumption cost 30% to 70% Solid durable construction system that results in fewer thermal breaks the Innova Panel means a smaller.

HVAC system which will lower utility costs Innova Panels are mold & mildew resistant Innova Panels are an extremely low VOC emission building material (no off-gassing) Fast, simplified construction means reduced labor cost and equipment cost for construction A green building technology—less waste on the job sit Reduced carbon footprint construction system Excellent performance in cold weather conditions Interior Innova panels are taped and finished with drywall joint compound Exterior Innova panels can be painted or finished with a variety of exterior finishes such as stucco, brick or stone veneer, and siding Available in various thicknesses to suit the needs of your project Electrical wire chases are provided in the Innova panels for easy installation of electrical wiring in the field Innova buildings can qualify for Leed or Florida Green building Certification.

Whether you build one home or 1000, using the Innova Panelized Construction System will not only cut the cost of construction, but it will also dramatically lower the operating and maintenance costs over the useful life of the buildings.

With all building envelope components engineered and built in our factory to exacting specifications, the Innova fast-track construction system accelerates the building schedule while using less labor which saves the building Owner money. For example, a Five-person crew of unskilled labor can erect most Innova single-family home building envelope in as little as four days.

Innova also have bunkhouse designs for group sleeping quarters of camp workers which include group restrooms, shower facilities and a cafeteria style mess hall. Most mining and oil exploration companies have a good ideal of the facilities needed for the camp they intend to build. Their designers will work the company to design the camp that fits their specific needs, temporary or permanent need more

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