Nail Base – Retrofit SIP Types

Innova’s energy efficient nail base and retro-fit SIP panels save contractors and building Owners time and money. Our product flexibility allows designers to select the panel type required to achieve and / or exceed the energy code requirements for your project. Innova offers energy efficient panels in the thickness needed specifically for your project. We offer our nail base panels with standard ASTM approved EPS or with Neopor® for added thermal resistance and energy efficiency. Neopor® is an excellent choice for projects with space limitations as it greatly increases the R-value over standard density EPS foam of the same thickness by using a graphite that is impregnated into the EPS. The tiny graphite particles act as infrared absorbers and heat reflectors lowering the materials thermal conductivity. The end result is a foam core with the same great advantages of standard EPS, however, with a thermal resistance (R-value) nearly 20% greater than standard white EPS. With Innova Eco Building System, we put technology in your hands as Architect’s, Contractors and end users can specify the SIP panel skin that best meets the needs of your project. Panel thickness can be sized to meet the R values required by applicable energy codes. Innova offers our clients nail base panel skin choices of magnesium oxide board (MGO), James Hardie Cement Fiber Board, plywood and oriented strand board (OSB). For more information about the many uses and construction details for nail base panel installations, please reference the Structural Insulated Panel Association installation guide. Nail Base Retrofit Panel installation guide for designers and builders

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* Neopor® can be added to any of the Innova SIP panels to increase the R-Value even more!

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MGO Nail Base:

MGO Nail Base / Retrofit Wall Panel: This panel is an excellent choice for use with new or existing tilt up concrete, block walls or any other building surface, interior or exterior… MORE INFO

Plywood / OSB

Plywood / OSB – R Value Nail Base / Retrofit Roof Panel: This panel is available with a plywood or OSB skin. This panel is ideal for new or existing low slope or flat roof applications … MORE INFO

Plywood / OSB

Plywood / OSB – Remodeling Roof Panel: This panel is ideal for updating and re-sloping existing low slope roofs and adding HIPs without expensive demolition … MORE INFO