Why should I build green?

Many people find themselves asking this question when they see the price tag of building a green home. Why do I have to pay more for construction to help our environment? When you build green, you are not only helping the environment, but you are helping every occupant of that building or home. There are many benefits to building a green home that reach way beyond lowering your carbon footprint and saving money on your monthly electric bill. What about the health of you and your loved ones? Green homes are healthy homes. They are constructed with materials that have low VOC’s. Green building materials and construction methods help in reducing allergens and triggers for asthma and chemical sensitivity health issues. Many traditionally constructed homes and buildings contain harmful chemicals that continually off gas into the living environment. This off gassing has been linked to asthma, allergies, cancer, liver and many other health related problems. Green building goes beyond energy efficiency and carbon footprints to provide the user with a healthy living environment for the safety of all occupants. Green structures are energy efficient, utilize sustainable materials, have better ventilation and moisture control than a traditionally constructed home. Ductless split ac systems with HEPA filters can be used to eliminate filthy ductwork that keeps small particles, allergens and molds suspended in your living environment, depleting you immune system on a daily basis.

The most important benefit to building a green home is the health and safety of your family. Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are one of the best construction systems for producing healthy green homes and light commercial structures. Homes constructed with SIPs eliminate wall cavities which are nothing more than living areas for insects, rodents, mold and other unhealthy contaminations. Buildings constructed with SIPs structures have air tight “building envelopes” which eliminate air and moisture infiltration into the living environment. SIPs structures will maintain comfort level temperatures for longer periods of time than traditional stick frame or brick and mortar buildings which reduce your overall heating and cooling cost. According to a report to California’s Sustainable Building Task Force, “the total financial benefits of green buildings are over 10 times the average initial investment required to design and construct a green building. Energy savings alone exceed the average cost associated with green building”.

So what’s the value of living in a green building? Your health! Your safety! Your comfort! Your family! Your wallet! Green building “PAYS you” not “COST you” over time!

Live clean, build green! With an Innova Panel Structural Insulated Panel home, you can live clean and healthy while reducing your carbon footprint and saving your hard earned money.

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